Keep yourself and your environment safe and healthy

Do you do risky work, or do you work in a risky environment? Then it is extra important that you and your colleagues work safely and healthily. And that your employer makes this possible. With a SCC diploma, you know how you can contribute as an employee.

Safety is the core of every business!

Take care of yourself and your colleagues

“At Vorm we think working safely is a must for everyone. We want all our colleagues to stay healthy and return home safely every day. That is why we provide all the tools needed to achieve this goal. I cannot emphasize it enough : take care of yourself and your colleagues! “

Arjan Nachtzaam, Vorm

What can I expect from my employer?

You can expect your employer to behave like a good employer. This means for example that he:

– Know the risks of the work and the working environment, clearly identify them, make them discussable and take measures to control them;
– Make every effort to prevent incidents and, if something should happen unexpectedly, to take immediate action;
– Enable you to work safely and healthily, among other things by providing you with safe work and protection equipment;
– Set clear limits, do not accept unsafe behavior, but also make room for learning from mistakes;
– Is approachable and open to tips and tricks for working safer and healthier.

Does your company have VCA?
If your company has a VCA certificate, you can be sure that your employer systematically pays attention to these types of matters and does not let them slip.


What can my employer expect from me?

Your employer can expect that you take good care of yourself and your colleagues and that by working safely and healthily you are a good ambassador for the company. He may expect that you are alert to risks and that you do what you can to control them. And that when the solution is beyond your capacity, you insist on action and actively think about that solution. A VCA diploma helps you with this.

Talk about it!
Are you experiencing obstacles to working safely and healthily? Or do you notice that safe and healthy working involves unnecessary hassle? Then discuss this with your colleagues or supervisor.