Frequently asked questions

SCC/VCA is intended for companies that perform risky activities or work in a risky environment. VCA is in high demand in the following branches and fields:

(Petro) chemistry;
Mechanical engineering;
Electrical engineering;
(Scaffolding) construction;
Civil engineering;
Process industry;
Industrial cleaning;

Yes. Your client determines whether you must have a VCA certificate and which certification level (VCA *, VCA ** or VCA Petrochemical) you must have.

The pass that you have received is a service from the examination office where you took the exam. It is not proof that you have obtained your VCA diploma. The diploma is the official document

No duplicates of diplomas are provided. Your registration in our Central Diploma Register is proof that you have obtained your VCA diploma. You can keep a printout of the screen with your details when you are asked about your diploma. If you are not in the Central Diploma Register, you must take the exam again. By the way, we recommend that you keep a copy of your diploma and not the original.

First investigate what the causes could be. Do you have too little knowledge and experience? Are you unable to learn or read well? Are the texts of the exams too difficult? Or is it a combination of things? Then discuss with your employer what you can do about this and what your employer can do to help you with this.

If you have an MVK or HVK diploma, you are exempt for B-VCA and VOL-VCA.